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World Ocean Day: SEABIN & BBDouro

World Oceans Day is born in 1992, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This commemoration was proposed by Canada at ECO-92 (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development), also known as “Earth Summit”. The purpose of this day is to bring people together in awareness, love and respect for our oceans. This day […]

Summer Sailing Camp 2020 | Campos de Férias Porto | BBDouro - We do Sailing


If your child, grandchild or nephew is between 5 and 15 years old and does not want to lose all the fun, we have the ideal solution for you – two months to enjoy the Douro River, with contact with nature, learning a new sport which is sailing, and lots of fun! BBDouro has at […]

Classic Boat Porto | BBDouro - We do Sailing

A 6mR Race

Brought to us by her owner, this 6mR yacht was in need of a big change. Her rigging and layout systems were outdated and hard to handle. Fulfilling his longlife dream of campaigning a 6mR at the top level this owner trusted BBD