Month of Rigging at BBDouro

With the arrival of the new normality at BBDouro, our rigging department embraced several challenging projects this month. Of these, we highlight the assembly and delivery of a Dufour 460 to a family that is already debuting on the Douro River. Between sailing, lunches on board and many dives, the happiness of this family in […]

Dia Mundial dos Oceanos | BBDouro - We do Sailing

World Ocean Day: SEABIN & BBDouro

World Oceans Day is born in 1992, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This commemoration was proposed by Canada at ECO-92 (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development), also known as “Earth Summit”. The purpose of this day is to bring people together in awareness, love and respect for our oceans. This day […]

Summer Sailing Camp 2020 | Campos de Férias Porto | BBDouro - We do Sailing


If your child, grandchild or nephew is between 5 and 15 years old and does not want to lose all the fun, we have the ideal solution for you – two months to enjoy the Douro River, with contact with nature, learning a new sport which is sailing, and lots of fun! BBDouro has at […]

Campanha Descontos Navegar é Viver | BBDouro - We do Sailing

[Expired] SAILING IS LIVING: BBDouro Discount Campaign

Experience sailing with us in all types of vessels. This summer you can enjoy our discounts to learn and navigate in any of our boats. Get to know more of our world, and be a part of it. Find out more about our services below.

Easter Sailing Camp Porto | BBDouro - We do Sailing

[Canceled] Easter Sailing Camp 2020

The best way to spend this Easter is on board! If your child, grandchild or nephew (or anyone!) is between 5 and 15 years old and does not want to stay home for the Easter holidays, we have the ideal solution – two weeks of unforgettable holidays on the Douro River, entitled to contact with […]

Earth Water | BBDouro | Terra Incógnita

Earth Water: A New Sustainability Plan

Earth Water is a brand launched in a Tetra Pak cardboard packaging, becoming, in 2019, the first brand in Portugal to commercialize water in this type of packaging. Earth Water is part of the Earth Group and works for 2 objectives: Ensuring an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic bottles Support the United Nations World […]

Classic Boat Porto | BBDouro - We do Sailing

A 6mR Race

Brought to us by her owner, this 6mR yacht was in need of a big change. Her rigging and layout systems were outdated and hard to handle. Fulfilling his longlife dream of campaigning a 6mR at the top level this owner trusted BBD

Passeio à Vela Porto | BBDouro - We do Sailing

Christmas 2019

O Natal está aí à porta, e por isso mesmo voltamos a oferecer aos nossos clientes um mimo especial.

Boom Bap Wear Match Series Porto | BBDouro - We do Sailing

II Boom Bap Wear Match Series | Anúncio do circuito 2016

II Boom Bap Wear Match Series

É com muito prazer que a Boom Bap Wear e a BBDouro anunciam as datas para a segunda edição das Boom Bap Wear Match Series.

Este circuito, que em 2016 contou com alguns dos grandes nomes da vela em Portugal e Mundial, volta a ser composto por 3 qualificações e 1 final, com prize money garantido. Read more