Vela Solidária

The Vela Solidária is a social project inserted in the brand BBDouro for ALL and directed to Children and Young People who live in institutions or are integrated in social integration projects, that uses sailing practice as a facilitator tool to increase the levels of socialization, tolerance, self-esteem and communication of its beneficiaries, contributing to the construction of more realistic and concrete life goals, especially for young people. It is also an excellent tool in the valorization of life quality for those with disabilities, in addition it increases mobility and autonomy as well as playing an important role in cognitive stimulation.

The fundamental pillars of Vela Solidária work, that wants always associate the practice of sailing with improving life quality of its beneficiaries are increasing individual skills in areas such as:

  • The interpersonal relationships;
  • The social integration;
  • The conflict management;
  • The overcoming of difficulties/adversities;
  • The communication;
  • The cognitive and motor stimulation.

Has as objective the regularity and continuance of activities, with periodicity to set and taking place throughout the year. Along its existence period, the BBDouro for ALL has already provided to various institutions in the north of the country the sailing training: